The BHL Group

TIH is owned by BHL (SA) Holdings Limited.

The success of Auto & General in South Africa led to the launch of insurance operations in the UK, Australia, Turkey, France, Singapore and Thailand.

In order to diversify its interests, BHL is also involved in various other businesses and has acquired significant property in South Africa and across the globe.


Proud portfolio of international companies


South Africa’s number 1 direct life insurer.

1st for Women

Insurance specifically designed for women in Australia.

1st for Women

Insurance specifically designed for women.

Auto & General

Specialists in car, home and travel insurance in Australia since 2000.

Auto & General

Synonymous with service excellence and insurance for your car, home, and commercial needs.

Beagle Street

An award-winning provider of life insurance and critical illness cover in the UK.

Budget Direct

Based in Singapore, Budget Direct is focused on quality insurance cover with savings of up to 20%.

Budget Direct

Based in Australia, Budget Direct is focused on quality insurance cover with savings of up to 20%.

Budget Insurance

A UK based provider of personal and life insurance cover.

Budget Insurance

Affordable insurance cover for your car, home and business.

Compare the Market

UK comparison site for personal, life and pet insurance as well as energy tariffs, broadband, mobile phone packages and financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, loans, savings and current accounts.


This UK based company offers truly comprehensive personal insurance, supported by outstanding customer service.


When you insure with Dialdirect, it’s simple – do your thing, get back ching.


Based in Bangkok, this short-term insurance broker provides quick and easy insurance comparisons.

Hippo Advisory Services

Specialises in providing individual healthcare advice and employee benefit solutions.

A comparison site for insurance, medical aid, loans, travel, motor warranties and more.

A Turkish comparison site for car, van, home and bike insurance.


The French comparison site for car, van, home, bike and health insurance.

Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa

The World's Leading Boutique Hotel since 2001.

Steyn City

A visionary residential and lifestyle estate in northern Johannesburg.

Telesure Sigorta

A registered and licensed insurance and reinsurance brokerage in Turkey.