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We are more than a financial services group. At TIH, we constantly strive to find better ways to give our customers and people, peace of mind. By joining TIH, know that we’ll value you as much as we value the thousands of South African lives we improve daily, and that’s just the beginning. If you […] Continue reading


Work is not just about earning a salary. At TIH, we also believe in finding a better way to give our people peace of mind through benefits that really make a difference to them and their families. As a leading financial institution, ensuring that our people are prepared for the unexpected is a priority. That’s […] Continue reading

Health and Wellness

Being unstoppable not only requires a healthy work-ethic, but a healthy mind and body too. Fancy a workout? Our Johannesburg and Durban offices have gyms featuring state-of-the-art-equipment. Our Johannesburg office also offers holistic health services including on-site doctors, nurses, a physiotherapist, an optometrist, a biokineticist and a massage therapist as well as a clinic offering […] Continue reading

Rewards and Recognition

At TIH, salaries are benchmarked and are linked to performance, as are bonuses, commission and incentive schemes. To motivate our employees to find better ways to drive our culture and the values that make us unstoppable, we also have a number of exciting monthly, quarterly and annual reward and recognition programmes for those who encapsulate […] Continue reading


We all have potential. We all have it in us to be great, to do amazing things and reach heights that surprise even ourselves. Potential; while being a great thing to have is incomplete. It is only a suggestion of what can be. To be of any use, potential must be unlocked. And that’s where […] Continue reading