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TIH Advisory – More than Advice

TIH Advisory offers personal financial advice and a wide range of insurance and investment options carefully selected to suit your particular needs and objectives.

Our team of experienced advisors are available across South Africa, and can guide you in securing your financial future with a tailored financial plan: whether you need cover to protect your assets from the unexpected, want to protect or grow your savings and investments or make sure the legacy you plan to leave your loved ones is carefully transferred through a will.

We’ll take the time to understand you before we advise you, making sure we have a complete picture of your financial position and your goals, and the gap between what you have and what you need to achieve it.

We’ll set you on course and stay alongside you throughout your journey, helping with key decisions and any changes along the way.

A comprehensive list of solutions and options

We work with South Africa's leading and award-winning financial brands, and our range of solutions include:

Short-term insurance

Including vehicle insurance, home, and personal insurance, business insurance, and specialised liability insurance.

Vehicle Insurance
Cover for cars, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, watercraft, offroad vehicles, and golf carts.

Home Insurance
Cover for home contents, buildings, and personal possessions.

Business Insurance
Cover for your business premises and contents, business vehicles, business interruption, portable business possessions, machinery breakdown, goods-in-transit, public liability, employer liability, and group personal accident.

Specialised Liability
Includes Broadform - Director's and Officer's insurance and Professional Liability insurance.

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Personal life cover

Expense protection, life, disability, dread disease and funeral cover. In addition, we can secure your loved one's future with a valid, secure will.

Expense Protection
Pays a monthly income if disabled by accident or illness, resulting in the suffering of a loss of income.

Life Insurance
Pays out in the event of natural or accidental death.

Estate Plans and Wills
Additional life cover designed specifically to address an estate shortfall and provide liquidity in the estate and incorporates an online will drafting service.

Disability Insurance
Pays out in the event of permanent disability provided certain policy claim criteria are met.

Dread Disease Insurance
Pays out if diagnosed with a life-changing severe illness.

Funeral Cover
Covers funeral costs and includes cover for family members.

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Investments and savings

Tax-free savings, living, and retirement annuities, guaranteed investments, and off-shore exposure.

Tax-Free Savings
Invest R500 pm. No tax is payable on the investment return. No penalty charges or fixed investment terms.

Options of Living or Retirement Annuities.

Guaranteed Investment
Peace of mind, knowing that no matter what – your capital growth is secured through a guaranteed rate upon investment.

Off-shore Investment
Above-average fixed return, plus the potential of capital growth linked to global developed stock markets, in one fully capital-protected South African Rand investment.

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