TIH continues to consider trends and challenges, as part of our journey towards putting our customers first.

We sat down with Maanda Tshifularo, our Head of Dialdirect, to discuss one of the biggest trends in the short-term insurance industry right now.

In delivering this value, TIH considers global and local trends and challenges, as well as putting customers front and centre of every decision.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) upon us, there is a greater need to ensure digitisation across all industries. The financial services industry has always been at the forefront of technology and TIH has always prided itself on being able to be innovative in the way in which it builds solutions for its customers.

“As a company, we are digitising everything internally and making it easier and more possible for our clients to engage with us digitally,” says Maanda. “This was a key reason for us driving towards an environment where clients can now self-service through the different digital tools and channels we offer them. We’ve also managed to unlock value both internally and externally by digitising many of our historically manual processes, now enhancing and streamlining service delivery.”

In terms of innovation and shaping tools that will contribute to a more sustainable society, Dialdirect have been involved in apps that have already made significant differences in the lives of South Africans.

The Dialdirect Insurance App was one of the reasons why our Comprehensive Car Insurance was voted 2019 ‘Product of the Year’ in the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. The app not only incentivises people for driving right on the road by paying them up to 75% cash back on a monthly basis, but is also about protecting people inside and around their vehicles by encouraging better driver choices. “Being responsible on the roads in South Africa will be the result of a convergence of technology, motor vehicle safety, and behaviour. We are already seeing behavioural changes, which can ultimately benefit all road users in South Africa,” says Maanda.

The Dialdirect Namola App is an emergency tool that helps users receive emergency assistance from their phone with the click of a button. It won ‘Social Betterment App of the Year’ in 2017 and continues to make South Africans feel more secure within their surroundings,” says Maanda. To date, the app has over 265 000 sign ups and has assisted over 24 000 users with real incidents. It has also received an average rating on those incidents of 4.8/5.

Dialdirect Insurance is continually challenging what short-term insurance will look like in the future. “With everything we do, we try our utmost to give our customers peace of mind. These apps are just a few examples of the great work we are doing in the digital space. By disrupting traditional insurance norms, and looking at what insurance should look like within today’s social context, Dialdirect’s Payback programme acknowledges that every customer should be seen as an individual and treated fairly. For example, using the Telematics technology in our Dialdirect Insurance App, clients can effectively determine their own premiums by driving responsibly,” says Maanda.

For TIH, insurance is more than just a product. It’s about providing customers with the freedom to make their own choices while shaping a better future.


Dialdirect Insurance Ltd is an authorised financial services provider (FSP licence number: 15259). Dialdirect was voted Product of the Year 2019. Winner – Services Category. Survey of 4000 households by Nielsen. Long-term insurance policies are underwritten by 1Life Insurance Ltd, and authorised financial services provider (FSP licence number: 24769). Personal Loans Powered by RCS, a registered Credit and authorised Financial Services Provider. NCRCP 38/FSP 44481.