How digital learning drives our hunger to transform our people’s skills

Digital-learningOur evolving ways of work and changing skills has increased the demand for new capabilities. As a result, the biggest challenge with changing how we learn is how we change our mindset of learning.

Learning needs to become an integrated part of an employee’s work; it needs to become an integrated part of an employee’s personal life and this shifts the learning model to a lifelong model. The old saying of ‘you learn something new every day’ is more prevalent now than ever before. At TIH, we know that we can extend this further and say that if you learn something new every day, you can teach something new everyday and that is how the learning cycle continues.

Last year we implemented LinkedIn Learning to assist our employees with upskilling themselves for a 4IR organisation. What we noticed is that there is this ‘fear’ around topics like Data Science and Digital Transformation because we don’t really know what these mean (unless we are in those spaces). Therefore, we need to change the way we engage with these topics and aim to get our people to think more about how data and digital is impacting our world, and from here link in expanding intelligence on the topic to empower our employees to want to learn more. This is how we grow our intelligence.

Whilst millennials have a bad rap in corporate for being ‘naïve slackers’, they have an incredibly important role to play in being the link between two vastly different generations. They need to own this responsibility and work hard at making digital transformation and learning a success. They should not be afraid of sharing their ideas but be mindful of how the way in which those ideas are shared. Fostering these innovative ideas, is key to unlocking new ways of learning.

We are always looking to find a better way to do things and give peace of mind. This is our purpose as TIH. To do this, we continue to challenge how we currently think and work, which starts with acquiring knowledge or skills, i.e. learning. Our Learning and Development Team are passionate about assisting our people with their development goals and welcome feedback, so that they can be a partner of best practice that prioritises learning.